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Thursday, January 12, 2012

why Yes To Pleasure and Leisure

Small and simple tips to follow to feel good about themselves and be appreciated by others because pleasure is not that difficult. In this hectic lifestyle, it not only worthy to be remained happy but also gives you a space to look after your loving ones. 

There are days when we wake up and feel we have an energy that makes us irresistible and others where we feel ugly and insignificant. How can this happen? What are the qualities and feelings needed to be attractive to our eyes and those of others? Below we will analyze some of the ways of being that are born in our inner self and are the basis for being seductive.

The charm

We all know someone who can draw upon himself the respect and admiration, and even those people who are only a glance or a word and they fall silent in the face who is infatuated. It is those people with a higher gear, which possess a strong positive characteristics and charm.
But what is the fascination? It's something that comes into our inner self, which is difficult to explain and teach, even if it can work on which is to help people understand where mistakes to avoid repeating the mistakes that prevent you from pleasure and enjoyment to others.

Do not think the judgments of others

It seems a paradox, but it's true to become more attractive when we are not interested be when we are disinterested or indifferent to the judgments of others. We are surer of ourselves and therefore more like each other, just as we do not want to convince anyone of who we are and how we are. The reason is simple: when you want others to give us the attention we forced attitudes and lack a sense of respect for another person, but respect is the basis for a meeting so that there is genuine and sincere. We try to put us in a listening position, without pretensions to judge a feeling of freedom, ease and lightness, as well as pleasure to the other, we will be happy ourselves.

Be True

All of us we have the right to express our personality, for better or for worse, without being ashamed for what we are. This is the premise to accept and make others accept us. The people who impress and seduce are the very ones who do not hesitate to show themselves, their desires and their projects, but also uncertainty and imperfections. Our parts are just shadows the secret to please others beyond appearances.

Be Consistent

What do we really like? Often it is difficult to say because our quality cannot be analyzed in detail, but they are part of a whole, that GNP is called congruence. Congruence is the harmony between what we are, what we think, say and do. For example when we are congruent not only defend our ideas but we do ours. Being consistent is a source of joy not only for us, that we have the feeling that everything becomes possible, but involves those who are charismatic people because we are neighbors.

The charisma

To have charisma, sometimes, we need to do some simple exercise:

# Remember the successes we have achieved
# Think of situations where we have not been successful, what went wrong?
# Ask yourself before others with sincerity
# Enhances their positive characteristics.

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